In February and March 2019, our press team presented the BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE product range at two different events: the beautypress information day in Munich and the Press Day of Marionnaud in Vienna. As is custom, both exciting events usually only admit journalists and bloggers. We will let you take a peek behind the scenes.

Press days: why and what are they for?

Press days are a great opportunity for brands such as BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE to present their product range to the media. The location and the size of the event can vary greatly so that there’s always a new atmosphere which is suitable for the respective event. For the beautypress information day and the Press Days of Marionnaud, the organizer invited several brands to present their products to the media. Editors, freelance journalists, stylists and bloggers/influencers receive personal invitations to such events. During the event the media and brands get together to chat and exchange ideas. This is of great importance for companies: they can establish new contacts, maintain old contacts and strengthen their presence in magazines and online media. It’s also a great opportunity for journalists to inform themselves about new developments in the industry, report on exciting news and get a first peek at upcoming trends. A real win-win situation!

BNSC press events

beautypress information day

On 21 February 2019, the online portal beautypress organized an information day in Munich. Around 86 journalists from print and online media, including COSMOPOLITAN, Freundin,, Glamour, and Shape, took part in the event in The Charles Hotel in Munich. Together with 19 other exhibitors, our press team presented the BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE product range in the grand ballroom. During the professional discussions with the journalists we were extremely excited to present several new products which all stirred up great interest among the visitors.

Our stand was not only very popular due to the striking design inspired by nature. The innovative new facial and body care products were also met with great interest. Visitors were particularly interested in our cork oak complex and the sustainable refill system. It’s nice to see that sustainability has become such a hot topic with many journalists and editors!

BNSC press events

Marionnaud Press Day

In March 2019, the perfume store chain Marionnaud became the exclusive distribution partner of BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE in Austria. That’s why we were invited, together with other brands, to participate in the exclusive Press Day in the Palais Wertheim in the heart of Vienna. On 14 March, we presented our product to the mostly Austrian media at our beautiful stand which received many compliments. Approximately 40-50 bloggers, freelance journalists and editors of popular magazines, including Woman, Wiener Kurier and Cash, asked many interesting questions about our smart refill system. For many visitors, a special highlight among our new products was our EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB with volcanic sand as a very special ingredient. Just like in Munich, the reasons for the use of cork oak and the cork oak complex which was specifically developed for BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE were met with great interest. As the event was very well attended, some conversations reminded us of speed dating – but the atmosphere was always very casual and relaxed. This could have been due to the great location with a real club feeling. An amazing experience – and very interesting conversations with representatives of the Austrian media!

We hope you enjoyed the small peek behind the scenes of our press and PR work! Is there another area which you would just love to learn more about? Let us know in the comments!


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