Less waste can be very sexy! The packaging of our Natural Moisture range is not only drop-dead gorgeous it also produces less waste and provides optimum protection for our products. The development of this special BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE refill system took several months. Today, we’re going to tell you more about why we are so proud of the result.

One thing was for sure from the outset: we wanted to make every effort to guarantee modern, sustainable and secure packaging for our natural cosmetics products. It was a lot of work to find a solution which fulfilled all these criteria. In the end, we decided on an innovative refill system.

The challenge was enormous: it’s almost impossible to develop refillable packaging for creams and other products due to complications concerning conservation and statutory provisions. We were nevertheless successful: the products from our Natural Moisture range come in elegant bottles. These do not only consist of high-quality materials produced in Europe – an intelligent refill system is hidden on the inside.

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Refill at its best

Refill systems are a smart way to save packaging. And this is how it works: when your product is empty, you simply buy the environmentally-friendly refill bottle and exchange it in the original container. When you buy the cartridge instead of a complete packaging, about 1/3 of the material is saved. By the way: our refills can also be used without the sophisticated outer packaging. Perfect for anyone who want to take the “light” version while on the road or on holiday or who has taken a liking to minimalist designs. If you don’t set a great store by fancy original packaging, you can also simply buy the refill cartridges from the start. That saves even more packaging!

Hygiene hero: airless dispensers

The robust yet sophisticated bottles of our Natural Moisture range contain replaceable cartridges with airless dispensers. The advantage of airless dispensers is that the product is in an airtight container and can be taken out without skin contact.You simply push the button at the top of the container to get to the product. This makes exact dosage super easy so that you only use exactly the amount of cream which you actually need. The airless dispenser also prevents the product from drying out and from bacteria from your skin coming into contact with the cream and contaminating it. That’s why airless dispensers are the most hygienic way to store a cosmetics product and the formulation requires fewer preservatives. Last but not least, the airless dispenser allows the bottle to be emptied to 99% . This means that the bottle can be emptied almost completely and that nothing goes to waste.


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