Why rely on products from half across the world when cosmetic trends are thriving right on your doorstep? G-Beauty stands for cosmetics made in Germany. And for quality. And also for NATURE! Especially the natural and organic ingredients are local values which, despite their traditional nature, are absolutely trendy and popular.

#gbeauty is currently one of THE hashtags on Instagram. Hollywood loves the trend and stars like Diane Kruger or Bella Hadid are among the ardent supporters. And for a good reason! Or, to be precise, for a number of good reasons!

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For a long time, German technologies have borne the label“Made in Germany” as a quality seal. What does this have in common with cosmetics? It’s quite simple: skin care also relies on scientifically confirmed efficacy.


To describe G-Beauty in two words: simply beautiful! The focus is on the transparency of the ingredients and the simplicity of the formulation and application. And thereby you gain time: efficiency and little effort instead of complicated rituals.

Clean and natural

What else does G-Beauty stand for? High-quality and safe cosmetics. Especially outside of Europe it also stands for ”clean” formulations: while the EU regulation on cosmetic products prohibits almost 1.500 questionable ingredients, the USA only prohibits 20 substances. If you go one step further and also take into accountreliable certifications such as COSMOS the requirements are even stricter. We have a long tradition of natural and organic ingredients as well as a prohibition of animal testing. Therefore, natural cosmetics made in Germany harmonizes perfectly with clean beauty.

G-Beauty made by BIRKENSTOCK

BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE fulfills all these prerequisites: the complete product range is comprised of certified natural cosmetics developed, produced and bottled in Germany. Selected natural ingredients, highly effective combinations of ingredients with proven efficacy as well as the sustainable packaging form the basis of our products.

The key ingredient is the same raw material which is traditionally also used in the Original BIRKENSTOCK footbed: natural cork. Scientists in the cosmetics industry discovered that cork extract has highly effective nourishing properties. The multi-active cork oak complex* which was specifically developed for BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE on the basis of these scientific findings is an active organic lipid complex which is obtained from the extraction from the cork oak as well as coconut oil.

Cork is furthermore a renewable resource. No tree has to be chopped down for the extraction. Once it has been gently peeled, the cork layer regenerates itself. The tree sustains no damage.


* Our products contain different concentrations of cork oak extract. Its effect has been demonstrated in clinical trials. For more information, please visit www.birkenstock.com


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