Nature in its purest form: all BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE products contain a multi-active cork oak complex which was specifically developed for us. For your skin, this means lots of benefits for your care routine and your anti-aging care!

The skin is our largest organ. It goes without saying that we have to treat it with utmost care. Therefore, we knew from the very beginning that our formulations needed to be based on watertight data and facts. And here’s why: scientific tests can help to review and prove the effect of certain ingredients. And this is exactly what we did before we started developing our products and selecting our ingredients. The center of our attention: cork oak extract, the core element of all our products.* Its effects were confirmed in clinical studies – but we wanted more.

Exclusive multi-active cork oak complex

All our products contain a multi-active cork oak complex which was specifically developed for us. Sounds scientific to you? It’s not that complicated! First of all, the cork oak extract (Quercus Suber Bark Extract) is gently extracted from the cork oak (Quercus Suber). (By the way: no tree is damaged during this process, we will tell you more about that in another article.) Following this, the extract is dissolved in coconut oil (Cocos Nucifeiera (Coconut) Oil). Amongst others, it contains suberin components as an active ingredient.

The many talents of the cork oak complex

Short and to the point:

  • Let’s keep it short for now for those who are not interested in the smallest details:

The cork oak has the unique ability to renew its bark (or its skin). A heart carved into the bark of a cork oak might simply disappear after some years – just like love itself. We transfer this ability to our skin. The multi-active cork oak complex stimulates cell regeneration, increases the skin’s moisture and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. Moreover, skin roughness is reduced and the skin becomes smoother.

In detail:

  • And now once again in a little more detail for those who want to learn more about the effects of the cork oak complex:

Skin protection and moisture boost:

The cork oak complex has a beneficial effect on the growth factors EGFR and FGF2 of the fibroblasts. These cells are the main component of the connective tissue. They play an important role for the synthesis of the intercellular substance which is required for the so-called extracellular matrix. Its stimulation in turn leads to a stimulation of skin regeneration which then results in a strengthening of the skin’s protective barrier. A strengthened protective barrier of the skin leads to a considerable improvement of the skin’s moisture. This positive effect can be proven by means of a measurement of the transepidermal water loss (which is a very important indicator of a healthy protective barrier of the skin).

Anti-aging and suppleness:

Our cork oak complex has a positive effect on the antioxidant cellular skin proteins (HMOX1, ZMPSTE24, SOD2). This results in a stimulation of skin renewal which does not only strengthen the skin’s protective barrier but also has a smoothing effect. Tests furthermore confirmed a positive effect on the anti-aging gene Klotho. This also results in a smoothing effect of the skin as well as an improvement of skin roughness.

Cork oak extract – a soloist…or not?

That all sounds really impressive already, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, every superhero needs a sidekick. The cork oak complex only unfolds its full synergetic effect in combination with other valuable ingredients. Depending on the formulation, this can also reduce redness of the skin, stimulate collagen production or have a positive effect against free radicals. It’s all in the mix!

*Our products contain cork oak extract in varying concentrations. Its effectiveness was proven in clinical studies. For further information, please visit


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