Natural, well-tolerated and sustainable: natural cosmetics offer many good reasons to avoid chemical ingredients. But are the products effective? Can organic beauty products really reduce wrinkles, hydrate the skin and visibly improve your complexion?

Let’s be honest: cosmetic products should not only be healthy and care for your skin, they should also have visible effects. Proof is therefore essential – in particular if the brand has such high quality standards as BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE.

But are organic beauty products just as effective as conventional cosmetics?

Yes! Many natural products are in no way inferior to their conventional counterparts and also do without controversial ingredients. What’s important: both products can be effective – and both have to prove it. Certain effects (and advertising promises) have to be tested and proven. If the positive effects of a product, for example “smoothing”, are to be printed on its packaging, this must be specifically tested and documented by an independent authority (i.e. by an external laboratory). These checks and confirmations are mandatory in the cosmetics industry.

Positive feedback from a test laboratory is a confirmation for every team developing a product that they have done a good job – kind of like a success control. For you, our customers, such results provide a certain sense of security that creams, scrubs etc. really keep their promises.

We also got the feeling that you are increasingly concerned about where the ingredients in cosmetic products come from and whether or not they are of natural origin. And which extract is actually responsible for your serum having a smoothing effect? Curiosity about products has increased – which is something we’re very happy about! We’re also happy to offer you some transparency and information and we deliberately do not talk about “specifically developed ingredients” but explain them and call them by their name – for example our hero, thecork oak extract*:

Effectiveness of natural cosmetics
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In vitro study on the anti-aging effect

With the help of a scientific study, the anti-aging effect of our cork oak extract

in a concentration of 0.2% on the so-called fibroblasts was tested. These connective tissue cells are of crucial importance for the firmness and density of your skin. The result: it is proven that cork oak extract has a positive effect on growth factors and anti-aging genes of the cells. In addition, it has an antioxidant effect.

But that’s not all…

In vivo study: the skin’s protective barrier

In a clinical study, 23 test persons aged between 20 and 57 tested a cream with 1% cork oak extract for a period of 9 days. One of the results was a significant reduction of the transepidermal water loss by 46.3% . This considerably strengthens the skin’s barrier and its protective functions.

However, it’s not only our raw materials which we keep a close eye on – the finished products are also tested:

In vivo study: skin moisture

A clinical study with 30 test persons aged between 24 and 65 shows: if the INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING CREAM is applied twice per day over a period of 28 days, the skin moisture is increased by an impressive value of 51.4% compared to products with placebo effects.

So you can see: already during the development phase of the BIRKENSTOCK NATURL SKIN CARE products, effectiveness plays a big role – you can always rely on that. Furthermore, the application of the product must be convincing – after all, using our products should be fun!


* Our products contain cork oak extract in varying concentrations. Its effectiveness was proven in scientific and clinical studies. For further information, please visit


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