Cooling ingredients are a real treat for body and soul. Right at the top of the list: menthol. As an ingredient in cosmetics, it does not only result in a pleasantly refreshing effect. We proudly present the star of our BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Cooling Foot Cream and explain how it unfolds its natural cooling effect.

We come across mint almost on a daily basis without being aware of it: when brushing our teeth, chewing gum or enjoying After Eight or in sporty fragrances or shower gels – to name but a few. The herb is extremely popular because of its beneficial effects. It wakes us up in the morning, serves as a refreshment in the summer heat and invigorates mind and body. The great mystery is: where does the natural cooling effect come from?

Coolest compound of mint: menthol

The benefits of essential mint oil are endless: it is disinfecting, has pain-relieving and calming effects and – of course – the typical fresh smell. Menthol is mostly responsible for this. Menthol is the real star of the plant and accounts for up to 60% of the essential mint oil. It is furthermore responsible for the cooling effect. This is due to a clever trick of the senses: the molecules of the menthol stimulate our temperature receptors. As a result, we feel a cooling sensation, even if the mint has room temperature or is warmer – in the form of peppermint tea, for example.

Stay cool – with menthol

Even though the refreshing feeling is triggered by a trick of the senses it actually has a real effect. Menthol does not only stimulate the senses – it has a lot more to offer:

  • The cold triggered by the menthol does not only feel refreshing but also results in a dilation of vessels and an improved blood circulation.
  • Menthol reduces the smell of perspiration.
  • Menthol also reduces swellings.


FußpflegeIf you look at these characteristics, it becomes obvious why menthol is the hero of our BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Cooling Foot Cream. Whether for strained soles, in the summer heat, after exercising or for swollen feet: the cooling effect and reduced swelling ensured by our Cooling Foot Cream is a real treat. We add this amazing ingredient to our nourishing formulation – full of high-quality natural ingredients and our exclusive cork oak complex*. This way, our feet and the stressed skin of our feet are not only relieved but also pampered and cared for.

Menthol – the cool natural hero of our foot cream. Have you already tried it as part of your care routine? Which other ingredients with a cooling effect do you like? And are there other cooling products you would like to see in our product range?


*Our products contain cork oak extract in varying concentrations. Its effectiveness was proven in scientific and clinical studies. For further information, please visit


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