The Virginian witch hazel, also known under its Latin name Hamamelis virginiana, is widely used as a medicinal plant. BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care also uses the miracle ingredient for its new skincare product, theBalancing Moisturizer. The ingredients of hamamelis have styptic, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic properties.

Hamamelis virginiana belongs the witch-hazel family. As a part of the shrub and bush vegetation in mixed deciduous forests, the plant is originally native to eastern North America. Native Americans already used the plant for medicinal purposes, for example for treating inflamed skin, swellings or wounds. In the early 18th century, the healing plant was brought to Europe and has been used as an ornamental and healing plant ever since. The Virginian witch hazel grows up to six meters on average and is a shrub-like tree with a short trunk. In fall, the leaves of the shrub which are bright green in summer turn into a radiant yellow.

Hamamelis as an ingredient in natural cosmetics

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The effective ingredients of the plant can be found in the bark and in the leaves. The bark contains many tan agents and traces of essential oils. The witch-hazel leaves also contain many tan agents, several essential oils and flavonoids. Their extract has an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and astringent effect and can also reduce swellings. Translated literally, “astringent” means “contracting”. The ingredients can furthermore intercept free radicals and minimize skin damage caused by UV exposure. All these characteristics make hamamelis one of the most popular ingredients in natural cosmetics.

Hamamelis – a miracle ingredient

BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care Balancing Moisturizer
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The active ingredients of the healing plant hamamelis help the skin to restore its balance and regulate its fat content. Moreover, sebum production is reduced. Due to the astringent effect of the extract, pores are contracted and the complexion is thus refined. In particular blemished skin and combination skin benefit from these characteristics. The skin is gently nourished and soothed at the same time. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects, this is the perfect care for irritated and irritable skin.

Magical powers in action

Balancing Moisturizer
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The new Balancing Moisturizer from BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care uses the hamamelis extract in organic quality with its magical powers and combines it with more beauty heroes, such as andiroba oil, high-molecular hyaluronic acid and cork oak extract*. This special mixture provides the skin with an intense burst of moisture without clogging the pores and helps the skin to find a healthy balance. The cork oak extract stimulates cell renewal, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and reduces skin roughness. In addition, valuable oils such as andiroba oil and organic jojoba oil strengthen the skin’s lipid layer.

Apply the Balancing Moisturizer in the morning and in the evening on the cleansed skin of face, neck and chest. Then let the ingredients work their magic on yourself and on your skin for a balanced complexion.


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* Our products contain cork oak extract in varying concentrations. Its effectiveness was proven in scientific and clinical studies. For further information, please visit


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