We cannot imagine cosmetics without them: oils. They are part of almost every formulation and serve as a basis as well as a nourishing ingredient for the skin. But not every oil is the same… While mineral oil is a typical ingredient in conventional cosmetics, natural cosmetic products contain a whole variety of plant-based oils. We will tell you all about the ups and downs.

For quite a few people, it is still the epitome of a good cleansing product: creamy lather. However, the lather does not necessarily mean that the product is effective. Surfactants – that’s the professional term for these detergent substances – can form small or large amounts of lather. They can be of natural origin or be produced chemically. What do you think: do they all have a clean slate?

Green and good? Unfortunately, it is not always easy to recognize genuine natural cosmetics. So-called greenwashing is particularly misleading: conventional products evoke environmentally friendly imagery in order to appear especially sustainable and natural, even though they are purely synthetic in most cases. So what should you do if you’re not an expert on ingredients and INCI declarations? You’re in luck, because you can usually identify natural beauty products by means of corresponding seals. One of these seals is the COSMOS certification which you can find on BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE products.

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