The best time of the year: summer! Evenings spent outside, watching people strolling past in your favorite café and enjoying picnics in the park. Unfortunately, this also exposes your skin to environmental pollution such as polluted air and fine dust. What you need is anti-pollution cosmetics.

There’s anti-aging on the one hand: urbanization brings new beauty challenges for your skin. Anti-pollution products declare war on fine dust and other pollutants. But is there anything you have to keep in mind? And does the magic word always have to be on the packaging?

Anti-pollution: its this trend truly necessary?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 80% of people living in big cities are exposed to air of extremely bad quality. This is a strain on the whole body – and its protective cover. Dirt particles and their residues result in oxidative stress, increase the production of sebum in your glands and make your complexion look dull. No wonder that cleansing has never been so important. Soot particles, dust and exhaust gases simply settle on our skin. But worst of all: heavy metals and chemicals which are stuck on the particles can penetrate our skin and damage it. The dirt covers our skin like a veil. Goodbye, glow … The clogging of the pores results in impurities and the skin texture deteriorates.

Anti-pollution cosmetics
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The skincare ABC against fine dust and other pollutants

The right cleansing products effectively free your complexion from residues of pollutants. They furthermore strengthen its protective function, act against free radicals and protect against skin damage caused by environmental factors. They have to be used in the morning and in the evening – and very thoroughly.

Anti-Pollution KosmetikOne way to cleanse your face properly is with our BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Velvet Cleansing Milk: its gentle formulation cleanses carefully but thoroughly, without being a burden on the skin. It does not only contain our cork oak extract but also the all-rounder moringa which protects against free radicals. Argan oil strengthens the skin barrier and almond oil balances your complexion.


Anti-Pollution KosmetikUsing gentle (!) exfoliators once or twice per week perfectly complements the cleansing routine: the BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Gentle Exfoliating Cream cleanses deeply and refines the skin’s texture. Instead of the microplastic granules contained in most of the conventional products, we use ground apricot kernels and apricot kernel oil which make your complexion look supple and fresh. The gentle exfoliating cream also contains the ideal anti-pollution add-ons: shea butter strengthens the lipid barrier and Irish moss supports the skin’s protective functions.

Anti-pollution cosmetics
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This is followed by care with added value: it’s all about antioxidants! If your complexion regularly suffers from inflammations, its healing powers are reduced and its aging process is accelerated. At least just as important: moisture! If your skin is dry, it’s easier for dirt particles to penetrate the skin.
Anti-Pollution Kosmetik

Our BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Intensive Moisturizing Cream will not only make your complexion appear fresh and supple. In addition to cork oak, the product contains hydrating arctic moss which maintains moisture and smoothes your complexion. Shea butter protects the cells and has an antioxidative effect. Evening primrose oil strengthens the skin barrier.


Anti-Pollution KosmetikThe BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Regenerating Oil Face and Body is also ideal for anti-pollution care. The restructuring oil supports the skin’s natural renewal process. It contains the highly effective prickly pear oil, which is rich in antioxidants. Sesame, almond, broccoli and sunflower oil as well as ginger extract protect against moisture loss.

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What you should keep in mind

The ideal skincare heroes to fight the pollution of your complexion do not necessarily have to bear the label “anti-pollution”. It’s the inner values that count: the ideal cleansing products should already strengthen your skin, the ideal skincare products should protect and regenerate your skin. Simply indispensable is an extra dose of lipids AND moisture. This is the only way how you can prevent “leaky patches” and the penetration of pollutants.

Special piece of advice: beauty food such as fruits, vegetables and nuts… and , of course, sufficient water and tea can also support your skin!


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