Spring is just around the corner. Time to adjust your beauty routine and add these great tips for glowing skin.

Tip No. 1 for glowing skin:

Glowing skin
[photo by BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care]
Your skin is dry and dull after a long winter? Regular exfoliation can help as it frees the skin from dry and dead skin cells. The result? Healthy and glowing skin! Simply massage the BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care Exfoliating Body Scrub in circular motions into your skin. Start with your feet and slowly work your way up to your chest by applying gentle and even pressure. Please keep in mind that long and hot showers additionally deprive the skin of moisture. We therefore recommend short and cool showers in the morning which also stimulates your circulation.

Tip No. 2 for that special glow:

For a healthy glow, we recommend short cool showers. After such a refreshing shower, the skin loves nothing more than an extra dose of nourishing care with our BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care Moisturizing Milky Body Lotion.

Dry Body Brushing
[photo by BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care]

Tip No. 3 for healthy skin:

Are you also looking for a body exfoliator with an even stronger effect? Then why not try the Ayurvedic ritual of dry body brushing? Dry brushing means that you move a body brush with soft natural bristles in circular movements gently all over your body before taking a shower. The brushing of the body promotes smooth and firm skin. Pores open, the circulation and lymph flow are stimulated and the removal of waste products from your tissue is supported. Dry brushing also reduces mental and muscular tension as the repetitive movements calm the vegetative nervous system. This slows your breathing and calms your mind.

And this is how it works

  • Brush the dry skin of the whole body with the dry brush, ideally before taking a shower or a bath. Always make long, regular stoking motions with light pressure from the bottom upwards towards your heart and lymph nodes, for example your groin, armpit and neck.
  • Start at the bottom of your feet and gently work your way upwards to the front and back of your legs.
  • Continue with your arms and hands and then gently brush your belly and back with circular movements. Be particularly gentle and careful with sensitive areas, such as your chest, and leave out your face.
  • End the dry brushing with a stimulating brush-massage of your neck and scalp.
  • After the massage, we recommend a shower with alternately warm and cold water. The switching from warm to cold water invigorates your skin, stimulates blood circulation and removes toxins from your connective tissue which may be the cause of cellulite.
  • Your skin will get an intensive nourishing boost with the luxurious and regenerating body oil Regenerating Oil Face & Body from BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care. Massage the oil into your still damp skin after a shower. The oil will make your skin soft and supple, it reduces moisture loss and has an intensively nourishing effect on the whole body. After applying an exfoliator or after dry brushing, the skin’s ability to absorb nourishing products is considerably improved.

Please note that the brush should be cleaned regularly after dry brushing. This extends the durability and maintains the performance of the brush and reduces the risk of a bacterial infection of your skin.

How do you prepare for spring? Which beauty ritual will you include in your current routine?


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