The skin is a real all-rounder. But even though it can accomplish quite a lot, it needs particular protection. The so-called skin barrier is responsible for this. The BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE products strengthen this natural protective shield.

Skin barrier – basis for healthy skin

What does the term skin (protective) barrier actually mean? It consists of an acid protective layer and a horny layer and its structure reminds of that of a wall: the layers of horn cells are held together by lipids just like bricks are held together by mortar. The thickness of this wall is a prerequisite for a healthy and resilient skin. On top of this wall, there’s a thin film consisting of water and fat which is in particular comprised of sebum, perspiration and horny cells and is slightly acidic. This acidic environment provides the ideal conditions for bacteria of a healthy skin flora. Harmful foreign germs, on the other hand, hardly have a chance to reproduce in this environment. The skin barrier furthermore protects against environmental pollution and dust and ensures that our skin remains moisturized. An intact skin barrier is thus the fundamental basis for a healthy skin!

Skin’s protective barrier
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Take it easy: cleansing and care

In order to not to irritate your protective shield, you should take a several things to heart when it comes to your beauty routine: in particular excessive hygiene is completely out of place. Excessive and intensive cleansing as well as the use of aggressive conventional surfactants simply wash away the hydrolipid layer. Once the environment is irritated, bacteria and fungi can easily penetrate the horny layer. On a side note: this is also possible if your skin is very dry: if there’s no mortar in the wall, it makes for a better target. This may result in redness, cracks, itchiness and irritations.

In the BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE product range, your can find gentle cleansing products, which support an intact protective barrier of the skin. We even conducted scientific and clinical studies which, for example, carefully examined our cork oak extract* as the most important component of the multi-active cork oak complex. The result: it’s a real all-rounder. It is, for example, proven that it increases the skin’s moisture in our INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING CREAM and strengthens the skin’s most important protective function: the skin barrier.

In-vivo study on skin moisture


A clinical study with 30 test persons in the age of 24 to 65 years showed: if the INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING CREAM is applied twice daily over a period of 28 days, the skin moisture increases, compared to a cream with placebo, by 51.4%.

In-vivo study on skin barrier

It is not the only protective function of the skin not to let any unwanted influence into the body from the outside. It also ensures that our body does not lose too much moisture – for example in the form of steam or perspiration. This is the so-called transepidermal water loss. If the skin barrier is damaged, our body loses more water.

In a clinical study, 23 test persons in the age between 20 and 57 years applied a cream with 1% cork oak extract over a period of 9 days. The result was a significant decrease of the transepidermal water loss by 46.3% . This considerably strengthens the skin barrier and thereby the skin’s protective functions.

Excellent results, right? With our products, you make a real contribution to having a healthy skin. And best of all: that’s not the end of the many talents of the cork oak complex! Learn more about it in this article.

*Our products contain cork oak extract in varying concentrations. Its effectiveness was proven in scientific and clinical studies. For further information, please visit:


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