Love yourself. Be compassionate. Be mindful. Or simply: spread love all around. We should generally celebrate love and all its facets more often – particularly on Valentine’s Day. It’s important to be gentle and kind to yourself – especially in times like these. We often neglect self-care and relaxation rituals in the chaos that is our daily life. Discover a selection of our favorite BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care products for relaxing beauty rituals at home.

Self-care: time for yourself!

Time to pamper yourself with some carefully chosen self-care rituals on Valentine’s Day and treat yourself to a spa and wellness experience in your own bathroom. Take a few moments simply for yourself. Enjoy a long bath followed by some beauty rituals to celebrate self-love and self-care.


Valentine’s Day Body Scrub
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Time to indulge yourself

Create a soothing atmosphere, light your favorite candle and try to be calm and grounded. Start your beauty ritual with a creamy body exfoliator to free your skin gently and effectively from dead skin cells and to stimulate natural cell renewal. The exfoliator also nourishes the skin with organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil and organic macadamia nut oil and the unique fragrance composition with notes of vanilla and oranges captures the imagination.


Regenerating Body Oil Valentine’s Day
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Rest and relaxation on Valentine’s Day

Draw a bath for yourself, put on your favorite music and relax. Pat your skin dry and moisturize it with the BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care Moisturizing Milky Body Lotion . The pleasantly light texture of the intensively moisturizing body lotion from BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care has a nourishing effect and is absorbed quickly. You can provide stressed skin with an intensively nourishing boost with the luxurious and regenerating body oil from BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care. The oil makes your skin feel soft and supple, reduces moisture loss and has an intensively nourishing effect on the whole body. Simply mix a few drops of the Regenerating Oil Face and Body into your body lotion for a rich and moisturizing pampering experience.


Valentine’s Day Lip Balm
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Luxurious care

For soft and supple lips, our BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care lip balm provides nourishing care for the sensitive skin of your lips. The gentle balm provides your lips with moisture for up to 24 hours and makes them feel soft and supple. The cork oak extract* exclusively developed for BIRKENSTOCK Natural Skin Care is a real anti-aging hero and stimulates cell renewal. Simply apply the lip balm as a thin layer on your lips and let your lips absorb the nourishing care like a mask.

Let yourself be inspired and find time for yourself and your relaxing self-care rituals.

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* Our products contain cork oak extract in varying concentrations. Its effectiveness was proven in scientific and clinical studies. For further information, please visit



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