Healthy and beautiful feet are inextricably linked to proper foot care. Especially in summer, our feet couldn’t be happier about some extra attention. Due to the high temperatures, we transpire more and lose quite a bit of skin moisture. That’s why it’s important to take countermeasures with intensively moisturizing care.

As regards the care of your feet, a regular pedicure is absolutely recommendable. An expert gently removes horny skin without damaging the skin underneath. Afterwards, your own foot care is easier, cracks at the heel and ball of the foot are prevented and it’s a real relief for your gait. Malpositions or skin or nail diseases can be diagnosed and you can be referred to a specialist doctor, if necessary.

However, a professional pedicure is not an absolute must. It is also possible to treat your feet to a small wellness session at home to keep your feet healthy. With proper care, the skin becomes more resilient. Germs in the pool or in your summer shoes don’t stand a chance to damage your feet. A real plus: groomed feet simply look beautiful!

Foot balm: all-rounder as basic care

Uncomplicated, effective, ideal for daily use: foot balm is the easiest foot care of all. Its application is particularly handy and it’s generally a true all-rounder. It is quickly applied and absorbed in the morning and/or in the evening, it moisturizes intensively and supplies the skin with fats and moisture. It’s the ideal way to nourish and protect dry and rough feet. In particular after some intensive exercising or long periods of walking or standing, it provides your feet with an extra dose of nourishing care. In your purse, it’s a leak-proof and unbreakable reliable companion on the go or while traveling. It’s ideal for everyone who appreciates uncomplicated foot care.

FußpflegeOur all-rounder: the BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Moisturizing Foot Balm provides ideal basic care, hydrates intensively and is absorbed quickly. The balm nourishes and protects dry and rough feet with a combination of cork oak extract and avocado oil. These ingredients provide and bind moisture and support the natural cell regeneration which will make your feet feel healthy and supple. This nourishing effect is supported by plum butter, almond oil, argan oil, sage, mugwort and comfrey extract – for beautiful, well-groomed feet!

Application: apply daily on your feet in the morning and in the evening and gently massage in.

Leg and foot oil: intensively nourishing

Oils for feet and legs are very rare in cosmetics – despite the fact that it’s a particularly pampering product! Even though foot and leg oil requires a little more time to be absorbed by the skin, they provide intensively nourishing care, can be massaged in gently and do not only pamper your feet but are also a real treat for dry legs.

FußpflegeIntensively nourishing: the rich BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Nourishing Leg and Foot Oil is truly unique as an oil for feet and legs. Despite the oily consistency it does not leave an oily film on your skin but is easily absorbed. In the process, it leaves an elegant shimmer and nourishes your skin with cork oak extract and oil made from Austrian elderberries. But be careful: directly after application, the oil can leave a mark on the Birkenstock footbed.

Application: apply daily on your feet in the morning and in the evening and gently massage in.

Cooling foot cream: a true revitalizing treat

Foot creams with cooling ingredients have a particularly refreshing effect. They revitalize tired and swollen feet and are a true pampering experience for strained feet in case of heat accumulation, after long hikes or exercising!

FußpflegeA real refreshment: the BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE Cooling Foot Cream has an immediate cooling effect which slowly spreads over your skin and immediately leaves a feeling of freshness. Cork oak extract and menthol extract moisturize, provide intensive refreshment and have a cooling and revitalizing effect. Thanks to ingredients including almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil, sage, mugwort and comfrey extract, the Cooling Foot Cream also provides moisture. In the morning, the cream ensures a refreshed start into the day, in particular on hot summer days. After exhausting hikes, long periods of standing, extensive shopping tours or exercising, our Cooling Foot Cream provides relief by preventing heat accumulation.

Application: apply in the morning or as required, for example after exercising, on feet and legs and gently massage in.

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Expert advice: Natural Comfort – combined forces

The products of our skincare series Natural Comfort fulfill different requirements and can therefore not only be used by themselves but also in combination for overall blissful feet. Just like all our products they contain the exclusive multi-active cork oak complex*.

The Moisturizing Foot Balm as the basic care can be perfectly combined with the Nourishing Leg and Foot Oil. If your skin is particularly strained, the oil can be mixed into the cream for an even more intensive pampering experience. As a care product for your toenails, the oil can also be mixed with the Moisturizing Foot Balm and be applied to your shins for a slight refreshing shimmer.

As required, the balm can be replaced by the Cooling Foot Cream if you already know that your feet will be put under a lot of strain during the day due to exercising, summer heat or long periods of walking or standing or if your feet tend to swell. Just give it a try!


*Our products contain cork oak extract in varying concentrations. Its effectiveness was proven in scientific and clinical studies. For further information, please visit:


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