Did you know that the skin is our largest organ? That’s why we should treat it with utmost care. If something is wrong, our skin will let us know – for example with irritations or impurities. Dr. Julia Mader-Brodmeier and Kristina C. Bernhoeft, education team of BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE, tell us in this interview how you can protect your skin’s balance – and what you should do if your skin loses its balance.

What exactly do we understand by a healthy skin balance?

Our skin consists of different elements and substances which, in combination, give our skin its appearance and functions. Among other things, moisture, fats as well as different acids are responsible for the skin’s balance. If all these components are there in the correct amounts, the skin can draw on its full potential.

What are the typical signs for skin which has lost its balance?

Any form of discomfort of the skin is a sign of imbalance. This includes subtle indications such as dry patches or slightly oily skin just like itchiness or feelings of tension.

Are there any certain skin types which are particularly prone to irritations of the skin’s balance and, if yes, which ones and why?

Any skin type which has an excess or lack of a certain skin element is prone to irritations. Good examples are dry skin or very oily skin. An imbalance of the skin can also be a result of aging or a change of lifestyle. In such case, it’s not about the skin type but rather about the skin’s condition.

What is the best course of action if you notice that your skin has lost its balance?

It would be a good start to collect and write down the symptoms of the imbalance. An expert can then investigate the causes on the basis of the symptoms and recommend countermeasures.

Skin balance
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Do you have any general advice on how to protect the skin’s balance? Are there any particular ingredients which can support this process?

In general, an adjusted skincare is a sensible means of support for the skin. The term “adjusted” is very important in this context because an inaccurately matched skincare can also have a negative impact on the skin’s balance. It can be worth your while to take your time when choosing your skincare products and to take professional advice.

BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE uses the cork oak extract as the core ingredient to support the skin’s balance. Its effectiveness was confirmed in studies. At the same time, we do not use any controversial ingredients and we comply with the requirements of the COSMOS Natural seal for natural cosmetics as well as with our high internal quality standards in order to provide our customers’ skin with the best care.

Are there any ingredients which you should avoid if you know that your skin easily loses its balance?

Any aggressive cleansing products but also excessive cleansing in general, independent of the product, is a strain on our skin and should be avoided at all costs if your skin is prone to losing its balance. You should be particularly careful with intensive exfoliators and make sure you care for your skin afterwards. Other active ingredients, for example retinoids, can result in irritations of the skin and should only be used after having consulted an expert. Alcohol-based solutions for tonification should also only be used if recommended by a doctor.

At which point do you recommend seeing a doctor?

As soon as you notice that an imbalance of the skin is very persistent, you should consult a doctor.

Thank you very much for this very interesting interview! 🙂 You can find more information on the protection of your skin in our article “Natural protective cover: the skin barrier”.


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