Green and good? Unfortunately, it is not always easy to recognize genuine natural cosmetics. So-called greenwashing is particularly misleading: conventional products evoke environmentally friendly imagery in order to appear especially sustainable and natural, even though they are purely synthetic in most cases. So what should you do if you’re not an expert on ingredients and INCI declarations? You’re in luck, because you can usually identify natural beauty products by means of corresponding seals. One of these seals is the COSMOS certification which you can find on BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE products.

The fall edition of the BIOUTY magazine features an interesting article about the cork oak and its role in the products of BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE. Such a detailed and comprehensive publication is quite unusual – which is why our PR team was particularly delighted. But have you ever wondered how a so-called press clipping actually comes about? We’ve got the answers…

The result of carefully maintained press relations: press clippings

Some time ago, we told you about press days being a great opportunity to present new products and brands to the media. Journalists and bloggers usually receive a personal invitation to these events. However, this is not the only possibility to inform representatives of the media. First of all, there’s always a point of contact – this contact must not only be initiated, it must be carefully maintained. In order to strengthen a brand’s presence in magazines or online media, the press team has to stay in touch with all its contacts. This can, for example, be achieved proactively by regularly sending press releases, PR newsletters, samples etc. It is even nicer when journalists have such an interest in our products and processes that they contact us with their questions during their research and are always eager to receive news from us. The supreme discipline of PR work, however, is when both sides, without a specific occasion, remain in touch and develop joint ideas. Such long-term relationships then result in press reports that are more than a mere mention of a name and which offer added value to companies, media and readers alike. The brand-new clipping in the BIOUTY is a great example of such a successful and long-standing relationship.

PR work
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BIOUTY: natural cosmetics and lifestyle

The premium magazine BIOUTY is all about sustainable and organic beauty. With its four editions per year, it always offers its readers new highlights to look forward to. “Good“ ingredients with sustainable production methods are regularly featured in the magazine. We couldn’t be happier that our “Cork story” was covered so thoroughly! The BIOUTY is available in stores or as a subscription.

We hope you enjoyed the peek behind the scenes of our PR work! Leave a comment if you wish to learn more or if you are interested in a completely different topic!

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